Who's Bringing your Piece Home

Who's Bringing your Piece Home

We believe that consuming consciously is not purely buying second hand or upcycled goods, but thinking about the whole chain of consumption. It is important to take into consideration not only the final product, but the way this product - that even though it's environmental friendly - arrive to it's next destination.

When thinking about processes of conducting a business, it's crutial to evaluate everything around it. Today we'll talk about my favorite one: packaging!

There are many alternative solutions for a more sustainable packaging, the first of them is reusing packages you already have at home! You can easily create a new package by using cardboard boxes from previous orders you've received, or even contact friends/family/neighbours/coworkers to collect from them unnecessary packaging boxes they might have!

Another option is ordering from recycled package suppliers. Those packages intend to give a second life to plastics that are already part of this world. Those packages can also come with an alterative to repackage it, in case there's a need to return the item!

Also, paper mailers and compostable/biodegradable packaging are a great solution for a more sustainable wrap. Those alteratives are made from plant-based materials, mosltly sugar cane, corn, or even bamboo. 

When ordering a compostable or biodegradable package, be sure your costumer knows the main difference between them; compostable require a specific location in order to come apart, while biodegradable products, in the other hand, break down naturally. 

Other solutions to look into are: cornstarch packaging, cellulose packaging glassine packaging and even mushroom packaging!

Whatever you choose, it's already a big step of looking at your business on the bigger picture. Taking a step back and acknowledging that every single move we make, have a significant reaction on our communities and on our planet.


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