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Independent curation of pre-loved items.

We believe in creating a movement that goes beyond fashion trends, a movement that values your own particular style, and less about what’s being imposed on the outside.
We are all a combination of what what we see, what we hear, the people we meet, the objects we encounter, mixes of patterns, colors, lights - every little insight, inspire us into something wider.

Your style is created by you, by your perception. By your way of presenting and representing yourself in your most authentic form. By gathering everything that once crossed your path, and taking it with you along the way.

About me

My name is Caroline, I’m the founder and runner of House of Brechó. I am a Documentarist and truly passionate about stories: people’s stories, places stories, object’s stories.
When Covid started, I was a student of Documentary Filmmaking in Tel Aviv, and since I couldn’t find any job, I decided to sell unique items I would find around the city in between the lockdowns.
Searching for items became a curation, and this curation developed into a business. Today, I work with pieces mostly found in my home-country, Brazil - which is a massive source of dead-stock and vintage goods, and also hand-picking unique objects that cross my way.

House of Brechó is still a small business, runned by one single person - but who depends daily on many of others to make it happen. Thank you for being a part of this with us.

With love,

House of Brechó
Giving used pieces a new story.

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